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pH4Life is a Natural Health and Wellness Centre. We use Live Blood Analysis, Bio-scans and pH tests to confirm conditions and vitamin & mineral deficiencies. We then give you a recovery program and our own blood type diet to correct conditions that may have developed. This includes weight loss or weight gain if needed.

At pH 4 Life we believe that disease cannot survive in a well oxygenated, alkaline body, and that it can be stopped by making the body slightly alkaline to a pH level of around 7.0-7.35

At pH 4 Life all our natural therapies and alkalizing supplements and diet are combined to correct over-acidic bodies to become slightly alkaline and healthy.

Our monthly support program will provide new menus and recipes to make your lifestyle changes possible and even enjoyable. We believe that as long as you enjoy your food, you will make the changes necessary for a better life with much more energy, concentration and all round performance.

So the 1st step is to book for a consultation. The duration of the appointment
will be 1-1 ½ hour including the consultation and all tests

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ETA Bio-Resonance Scanning

These scans provide analysis of body systems and possible conditions…


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Live Blood Sample   Analysis

Have a look at your blood sample under a microscope. Your consultant will take a drop of your blood and analyze the blood under a specialized brightfield microscope. She will then determine the quality of your blood, the presence of acids, micro-organisms like parasites, bacteria and funguses, heavy metals and anything that can harm the body.
It is quite amazing to see!


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Hyperthermia Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy is a body treatment where the person gets into a special cabinet with just the head sticking out. Steam heats up the body and ozone is released into the cabinet and absorbed into the skin in a process where it interacts with fatty acids to form oxidative by-products which is partly absorbed in the blood and lymph. Here they act as powerful anti-oxidants to destroy bacteria, viruses and dissolve acidic materials and waste products.

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Lymph fluid carries cellular waste into bloodstream for removal by liver. ? Lymph drainage is a deep tissue massage focused on upward strokes to move lymphatic fluids along the length of the body up to where it drains into the blood stream for cleansing by the liver. Considerable results in Edema & spectacular results in Stroke cases under-lines the value of lymph drainage to help the body to rid itself of acidity.


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What is BEMER? The BEMER works by creating a negatively charged magnetic field able to penetrate the body and neutralize acidic substances where ever it comes across it. The BEMER is unique in its ability to reach parts of the body not reached by alkalizing oral supplements.

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Experience our lifestyle program for yourself. Why such a radical step as changing your everyday lifestyle habits? Because that is what is required for sustained results!


aGood Day,
I have been struggling with my health since the age of 19 when I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. During that time until now at the age of 35 I went through a lot of tests, radiation therapies, specialists and doctors and none of them could help me like pH4life. I went on all different medications, diets and still no good results.
The medical doctors only gave me Eltroxins and Tritroxin to keep my thyroid under control. I went for blood tests every 6 months and still no good results. I was very depressed and had no energy, I was constantly tired and didn’t want to go out with friends.
Then I joined pH4life. They tested my blood and gave me the right supplements to use and they changed my eating plan according to my blood group. Over the period of 2 years I could not believe the results that I got.
I had loads more energy and no symptoms of depression. Best of all I am off all my medications. All my family and friends could see the difference in me. I just use the basic products/supplements of ph4life. I made a whole lifestyle change and I am still going strong.
pH4life really changed my life to the Best!!!

Tired of yo-yo dieting? You too can make the changes you need to feel better, look better and be better. For real! Stop all the unnecessary dieting, respect that your body functions like a well-oiled machine when receiving the correct fuels and learn to support the ‘machine’ that is your body!


I struggled a lot with my weight and nobody could help me. I had no energy and felt weak, my blood pressure was unstable and I had pain I could not explain and I was on anti-depressants.
I even went to the gym to help with the weight loss but it was just not good enough and the results were not what I was looking for.
Then I joined ph4life.
I weighed 87.05kg when I joined pH4life. They gave me the correct food to eat and the correct supplements to use to help me to achieve my goal. Within a few months I could see and feel the results. I had a lot of energy, no pains, got off my anti-depressants.
I lost 13,16kg and now I am just maintaining my weight by using my correct supplements and eating healthy.
Thank You PH4life
Poppy Mokone- Limpopo South Africa

Tired of feeling tired and having no energy? Tired of drinking pills every day, or even having injections? Despite advice from some professionals, many have recovered from conditions said to be incurable and only manageable with continuous medications. Although there is never a guarantee for such results, many people have greatly reduced their dependence on drug based medications by making better lifestyle choices. Such choices include drinking more water, exercising 3-5 times per week, cleansing and changing their food choices to healthy ones. See the example of Percy Masipa and Margaret Mahlangu below…


bPercy came in for consultation on the 11/12/13 with his biggest health concern reported as diabetes. His Blood sugar reading recorded on that day was 26.1 fasting. He was taking chronic medications since 2000 and was frustrated with not being able to control his blood sugar levels.
His recommendation included supplements, herbal drops, minerals and fibre
With his 1st week follow up on 08/01/2014 his blood sugar level was recorded as 8.9 while still on his chronic medication and with his 2nd follow up on 18/02/2014 his fasting blood sugar reading on that day was 6.9 recorded as 8.9 after breakfast and had left his chronic medication. The end of March he reported his blood sugar level to be 4.7 – 5.3 fasting and is currently only taking supplementation. No drugs and no insulin.
(Current supplements are originally prescribed as the first visit with just an additional supplement of Insucaps just to make sure blood sugar levels stay well maintained.)
Percy Masipa (46)- Dendron, Limpopo Province

Making better lifestyle choices for one reason often see unexpected results in other areas of a person’s health. Yes! That’s right! For many the main motivation for making the lifestyle changes they know they have to make is weight loss. Yet, once they follow these new habits they find all kinds of unexpected results with their glucose measure and energy improving, better concentration and much more…


Margaret came in for consultation on 23/12/2013 with health concern issues which was Diabetes and Asthma and Heart problems. Her blood sugar reading recorded on that day was 16.5 with taking chronic medication. Her blood pressure was 106/97 and her pulse was 106.
Her treatment included supplements and fibre
Her 1st month follow up on the 27/01/2014 saw her blood glucose level recorded as 13.9, her blood pressure 104/73 and pulse 96 while still using chronic medication. At her 2nd follow up done on 02/04/2014 the blood glucose showed a reading of 4.7 and her blood pressure 124/94 after she walked a distance to pH4life’s rooms. In May of 2014 she was still using her chronic medication but has made real good progress up to now in such a short time period. Current supplementation is the same as recommended with the first visit.
Margaret Mahlangu- Lydenburg
cHelvy came in for consultation on the 29/10/13 with her biggest health concern reported as weight gain. Her starting weight was 126.55kg and she was real frustrated as she has tried all the other products on the market with no success.
She used mineral supplements, herbal drops and fibre.
She attended her 1st follow up consultation on the 26/11/2013 when her weight was recorded as 116.35 kg. Her 2nd follow up consultation was on 4/02/2014 with her weight recorded as 104.12 kg. At her 3rd follow up on the 6/05/2014 her weight was recorded as 94.95kg. At her last follow up on the 05/08/2014 she had a great weight of 91.65 kg already and she is still going strong. Her eating habits have changed from unhealthy to all the suggested food on the blood group list and she also tries to work in some exercise at least 3 times per week.

Helvy Mokola (44)

Weight loss, diabetes and many other so called “conditions” are really just symptoms of a body under stress, dehydrated and lacking nutrition.


Why wait any longer? Just do it!


Blood Type Group Diet – Each type has different deficiencies & health concerns
But does it really work. Yes. To illustrate the point consider our experience from thousands of clients: Although members of the same family all eat the same foods, their bodies react differently. In our experience one blood type is clearly more predisposed to developing ulcers while another is more predisposed to cancer…

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