BEMER Therapy is based on physics principles of the interaction of magnetic fields with electrically charged particles such as ions. Ion exchange and ion pumping determines the metabolism of any cell of any living organism, including vertebrates. A pulsed electro magnetic field with specific characteristics promotes the bio chemical processes pertaining to the individual cells which in turn cause secondary effects on the physiology of the organism, human or animal.

In simpler terms, an unhealthy cell loses much of its electrical charge and therewith becomes inefficient at its functions. Example: Messages from the brain and between cells are through electrical impulses. The efficiency of this communication depends on a healthy electrical cellular charge being maintained. So does the individual cellular metabolism. BEMER therapy corrects the charge of individual cells and restoring much of their function. it is necessary to deal with external factors such as correcting wrong eating habits, reducing stress and increasing oxygen uptake along with magnetic therapy for a more holistic and long term result.
Monitor progress through Ozone & BEMER Therapy through improvement in “Rouleau “ as seen in Live Blood Analysis. “See for yourself!”


What will the BEMER system do for you??

 Improved Cell Oxygenation & Cellular Metabolism
 Vastly improved Macro- and Micro Circulation
 Improvement in blood’s capacity of O 2 transport
 Treatment of persistent PAIN
 Stimulation of wound and fracture healing; post-operative therapy
 Treatment of degenerative ailments of joints and the spine
 Treatment of MIGRAINES, headaches, tinnitus and
 Treatment of acute conditions as well as bacterial infections
 Fast regeneration after exercise and healing of sport fractures